Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Memories from Sri Dham Mayapur

The day had finally come, the mercy of Lord Gaurachandra and Lord Nityananda had showered on me and I was allowed entrance into the Sri Dham Mayapur. This year my visit to Mayapur Dham was full of realizations so before all of them space out of my tiny head I am just putting everything down on my blog.

So the first day was really exciting to be in Mayapur i had start following the schedule of sleeping at 9:00 pm and getting up at 3:00 am. Staying in my Gauranga Kutir hut. It was quite austere to be there but still spending overnite is not that bad.

In early mornings i could hear different birds specially the coko coko birds singing and occasionally peacocks. So nice experience that birds at 3:00 singing songs probably they all were glorifying Mayapur Dham in their language.

So the first day Mangla Arti was really, like Sri Sri Radha Madhav and All the Gopis giving Their merciful glance i felt like always thanking Their Lordship for allowing me to be in Mayapur. Especially i felt the mercy of Sri Mati Radha Rani ji Who has kindly allowed me to be in Dham. No one can enter into dham without Her mercy and She's so merciful that She allows anyone with a little spark to be in Dham and Serve Krsna.

I know this is going to be pretty long it's already 11:20 pm here and I am 1 hr late but let me write few more words.

I also heard criticism which was not at all good but the same time I heard in Srimad Bhagavatam and experienced devotees had guided me how to avoid it and still relish the dham.

One can be physically present in the dham but still no inside the dham. Because Dham is always covered by material energy of the Lord so either you can be on the layer or inside the layer. Everyone comes to dham with their truck full of desires and different mentality. I was pretty much disappointed with how young boys and girls would associate as if dham is a kind of dating place but anyways... when they unload their trucks they feel purified and in fact that works but some conditioned souls like me gets affected. However the nectar of Srimad Bhagavatam when entered my ears I realized that How Krsna is just looking at one good qualities that they have desire and they are chanting the holy names. Even though we got so many material desires still Krsna is giving us an opportunity to be in dham and benefited. Well we need to be intelligent enough how to utilize our important time in dham anyways there are different degree of maturity in KC and it takes time.

I went to Parikrama and also went to Ganges and took bath. Ever since i visited Mayapur for the first time i always had desire to go to Ganges although Ganges was somewhat polluted but i was pretty much inspired to Jump in the waters which has touched the Lotus feet of Krsna. So Haribol !!!!

Well I also had opportunity to be in Mayapur for 2 days after the festival was over. Then Mayapur beauty was really really manifested. Mayapur is always beautiful and Transcendental but still after the program ended. I saw so many cows came to graze in the fields you can even hear the Ganges following simply amazing. So peacful. You don't have to struggle to much with your mind and convincing him to be attentive while chanting. Everything just falls right into it's place. That's is Mayapur.

Well during the stay i had many wonderful talks with different devotee had enough prasadam and full of realizations which would definitely help me to be a better devotee and help others and utilize whatever i have learned during my stay in Mayapur