Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today is 21st Jan

Today is 21st Jan 2009. On same date, two years ago, I was initiated into the Hare Krsna moment. I was accepted by the causeless mercy of my Spiritual Master His Holiness Gopal Krsna Goswami. That day was really fun filled event for me. Along with Hare Krsna friends who were also initaited into the discplic succession ok Gaudiaya Vaishnav sampradaya. I still recall when Rukmini putra prabhu gave all of us white dhoti and a chardar. I was allowed to enter bhramachari ashrama to get dressed up after taking bath. After that we went to the temple hall where fire scarifice was to take place. Me and Prana Krsna prabhu, we both took a place close to the vedi. We had already planned that we will put everything in the middle of the fire scarifice so all the pervious sins would get burn completely.

Then before the fire scarifice started our Gurudev, Srila Gopal Krsna Goswami bhagvad pada came and with his very sweet and heart penetrating voice he sang Jaya Radha Madhava and deliver a lecture on importance of hari nama diksha, and the ten offences.

In the mean time altar opened and we could see our worshippable deities Sri Sri Radha Madhava. Gurudev told us, you all are taking vows in front of all assembled vaishanavs, Sri Sri Radha Madhav, Fire so you remain stick to your vows now don't say that no body has witnessed you. They all know it.

The name giving ceremony started. I was very much excited. I don't remember who was the first devotee to go but i remember prakash prabhu name was called by HG Nanda Maharaj prabhu and Guru Maharaj annouced that his name is Prana Krsna Das, then went our very intelligent prabhu varinder/viren/??? aha i don't remember his name but he was awarded a name HG Vajra Nabh Das. Then my name was announced. I went upto Guru Maharaj, paid my obeisances at the Lotus feet of my Guru Maharaj

Namah om vishnu padaya krsna prestha ya bhut le
Srimate Gopal Krsna Goswami iti namine

Prabhu padayas sahetyma yah prakash viterya ca
krita van sadhu bagvad padaya teh namah

I got up and looked at Gurumaharaj, GuruMaharaj was seeing directly into my eyes and He asked what are the 4 regulative principles, I said, GuruMaharaj it is no meat eating, no gambling, no illict sex, no intoxication. Then GuruMaharaj asked how many rounds to chant on ekadshi, I said 25 rounds. Guru Maharaj asked few more questions.

Then GuruMaharaj handed over to me my beads and said from now onwards your are Nitai Prema Das Bhrmachari. Then there was a tumultous sound of mridangas and kirtals. I was so happy to be addressed as Nitai Prema Das, the servant of Nitayanada Prabhu who is distributing the love of godhead.

Now my bhramchari friends would jokingly say now you have to become Bhramachari because GuruMaharaj said so....I would just smile.

When I came to Krsna Consciousness it was for fun, good times, good vibrations, frustrated from family, friends, it's nice place to spend time where devotees always want to talk to you, listen to you. Now as the time passes by I get realizations that it's not just for good time and good vibrations. It's a commitment of life time. To assist in the mission of Spiritual Master and devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu to spread Krsna Consciousness in every town and village and finally go home back home back to godhead.