Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life of a Solider

Yesterday was Ratha Yatra and I was given a bag full of books to distribute. While distributing those books, approaching everyone or potential people who could buy a book. However 99% turned out to be not interested at all. They would say Thank you, Ok, even before i pull out a book and try to show them. While holy name was being chanted and sung, devotees dancing in ecstasy, I was still looking out for those who could take Srila Prabhupada books and be saved. I was at the end of the three Ratha's

At the same time, I remember i always wanted to be Air Force Pilot or a Combat Solider. A Solider on a mission doesn't expect things to be very easy. It's a tough place, surrounded with enemy, high risk fatality region. You can't expect a comfort zone in battle field. However a solider must go on fighting without personal consideration. To accomplish the mission for better life of others.

Although I couldn't become a Combat Solider with all my guns and ammo loaded However I have become of Solider of Sri Caitnaya Mahaprabhu sankirtan army. My role is to go out and give out books no matter people treat me with a simile or their thorny thanks and ok just to turn me away. I won't stop. I will continue, Continue till my breath with just one aim to do something for pleasure of Srila Prabhupada and Guru. Just like my Guru Maharaj is tirelessly carrying out the orders of Srila Prabhupada so I will also have to carryout and share the load of my SPiritual Master. It's not going to be easy. It's going to be tough keeping my personal respect at side, being coming in the line of fire of critics and misconception. That is high fatality region for spiritual life. I am coming from the Warrior Class of People Sikh. In our Tradition their is Guru "Spiritual Master" Who while protecting Santana Dharma from Mugals, had said. I will make my warrior fight with 125,000 Solider at once then I will call MySelf Guru Gobind Singh. Indeed He was empowered personality by Krsna otherwise it wouldn't have been possible.

So I have to bring out my gut feeling and fight for Krsna's Cause. To reclaim the souls and to assist devotees and preach.