Monday, January 5, 2009

Guru Maharaj is coming !!!!

Slept @ 1:00 am
Wokeup @ 7:30 am
wrapped the bedding and aheading toward putting them in the shelf
Sri Rama Krsna told your Guru Maharaj is coming @ 8:00 am Khargar ISKCON

Assessment Starting Intialization Begin

Intelligence: Yes Yes go pure devotee is coming go listen to Him, take his blessings
Mind: We can't make it 30 mins too short. Prior information wasn't give.. so drop
the plan
Heart: No I want to go Guru Maharaj has come. I want to go

Intelligence: Overruling minds command
Intelligence: Instruction to sense make phone call to Radha Bhav prabhu to get a ride to temple.

Sense in Action: Made a phone... Radha Bhav is going with another devotee
Response: Negative... can't get ride

Mind: See you failed.. leave it.

Heart: No I want to go and meet Guru Maharaj

Intelligence: Overrule minds command once again
Intelligence: Attemp Call Suhrida prabhu to get his bike.
Response: Negative, Suhrida prabhu is at Andheri :(

Mind: hehe.... i told u can't do... leave it will meet GuruMaharaj on Ratha Yatra
Heart: No we can do it.

Intelligence: Assessing the situation.. 7:40... 20 mins left. Yet to take bath

Intelligence: First take bath quickly. Wow !!! took bath in 30 mins

Time: 8:10 am.... GuruMaharaj must be in temple now.

Intelligence: call Krsna Swaroop prabhu and take his bike
Response: Negative... he has to leave office early

Mind: :-) I am telling you don't go it will be waste of time. lecture would finish and you can't meet Guru Maharaj.

Intelligence + Heart: Overriding Mind's command

Intelligence: lets take auto rick

No auto rick... ask for lift. Got a lift till CBD Station

Intellience: Buy a train ticket or travel without ticket. If caught... will be in soup

Decision Making: Lets take a risk go without ticket

Reached the platform

Damn: I am on wrong platform: The train to khargar has arrived and would only wait 10sec if miss then it's gone

Can't go the right way as it will take more than 10 seconds.

Intelligence + Courage: Jump the tracks....oooo.... that's nasty...anyways ... tracked crossed

Train has started to move.

Intelligence: Run and Jump on to the train

Got in

Now let me just type
Finally reached the station however the time is 8:30 now. Took auto rick and went to temple. The preaching center is on 4th floor. The lift is not working so i have taken the stairs and went to the 4th floor.

I could hear Srimad Bhagavatam goin on. Entered the room @ 8:44 am

Entered the Room. It's not Guru Maharaj. It's HH Maha Nidhi Swami Maharaj.

Transendental Intelligence: There is nothing to be disappointed at. Association of
Pure devotee even for a moment is purifing.